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YTHDC1 [ENSP00000339245]

YTH domain-containing protein 1; Regulator of alternative splicing that specifically recognizes and binds N6-methyladenosine (m6A)-containing RNAs. M6A is a modification present at internal sites of mRNAs and some non- coding RNAs and plays a role in the efficiency of mRNA splicing, processing and stability. Acts as a key regulator of exon-inclusion or exon-skipping during alternative splicing via interaction with mRNA splicing factors SRSF3 and SRSF10. Specifically binds m6A- containing mRNAs and promotes recruitment of SRSF3 to its mRNA- binding elements adjacent to m6A sites, leading to exon-inclusion during alternative splicing. In contrast, interaction with SRSF3 prevents interaction with SRSF10, a splicing factor that promotes exon skipping: this prevents SRSF10 from binding to its mRNA-binding sites close to m6A-containing regions, leading to inhibit exon skipping during alternative splicing. May also regulate alternative splice site selection.

Synonyms:  YTHDC1,  YTHDC1p,  hYTHDC1,  J3QR07,  Q96MU7 ...

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0 1 2 3 4 5 Confidence