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ZGPAT [ENSP00000332013]

Zinc finger CCCH-type with G patch domain-containing protein; Transcription repressor that specifically binds the 5'- GGAG[GA]A[GA]A-3' consensus sequence. Represses transcription by recruiting the chromatin multiprotein complex NuRD to target promoters. Negatively regulates expression of EGFR, a gene involved in cell proliferation, survival and migration. Its ability to repress genes of the EGFR pathway suggest it may act as a tumor suppressor. Able to suppress breast carcinogenesis; G-patch domain containing

Synonyms:  ZGPAT,  Q8N5A5,  X6RGY1,  GPATC6,  GPATCH6 ...

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0 1 2 3 4 5 Confidence