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SH3RF1 [ENSP00000284637]

SH3 domain-containing RING finger protein 1; Acts as a scaffold protein, contributes to Rac-induced signal transduction such as JNKs (MAPK8 and MAPK9) activation and induces apoptosis. Within a signaling complex, it probably recruits protein kinases such as MAP3K10 or MAP3K11 which are in turn activated leading to the sequential activation of MAP2K4, MAP2K7 and JNKs (MAPK8 and MAPK9) (By similarity). May be involved in targeting of HIV-1 GAG and GAG-POL polyproteins to the plasma membrane; Belongs to the SH3RF family.

Synonyms:  SH3RF1,  SH3RF1p,  hSH3RF1,  D6RAL3,  D6RHX5 ...

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0 1 2 3 4 5 Confidence