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PHF20 [ENSP00000363124]

Hepatocellular carcinoma-associated antigen 58; Methyllysine-binding protein, component of the MOF histone acetyltransferase protein complex. Not required for maintaining the global histone H4 'Lys-16' acetylation (H4K16ac) levels or locus specific histone acetylation, but instead works downstream in transcriptional regulation of MOF target genes (By similarity). As part of the NSL complex it may be involved in acetylation of nucleosomal histone H4 on several lysine residues. Contributes to methyllysine-dependent p53/TP53 stabilization and up-regulation after DNA damage.

Synonyms:  PHF20,  PHF20p,  hPHF20,  B0QYY0,  B0QZ19 ...

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0 1 2 3 4 5 Confidence